Review: 2019 Wind & Stream Event

November 12, 2019
Kim sisters and Eun Young Sa_Korean Pansori

Extraordinary Wind & Stream, & All that Jazz!

A Sungkyu Chris Lee Korean Performance Series

At about the 4th performance of the Wind & Stream, Chan Park set the stage for an 'ah ha' moment, when the Professor and Director of this extraordinary culmination of Korean Pansori, instrumentals, vocal story-telling, percussion, dance, and celebration of Korean food and culture, told FLP about pansori's connection with the uniquely American style of music, that four letter word: J-A-Z-Z.

For last Friday's performance, the 6th annual Wind & Stream event, Dr. Park created a most exciting, soulful, hand-clapping Cho-tah-cheering, all out masterful production, and she expertyly wove-in jazz specialists Jeff Chan and Suwan Choi, critically acclaimed Chicago jazz duo, who sythesize traditional Korean with jazz instrumentation, sax and tenor sax.  Combine that with the anything but standard line-up: Dr. Hilary Finchum-Sung on haegum, Daniel P. Miller making a debut on wooden flute, balanced with the strong female vocalists: Sa Eun Young (poetry and dance), Youn Hee Kim Gyeongsangbukdo, Tae Hee Kim (Pansori storytelling), Kim Eun Su and youngest member Maddilynn Ra (folk song medley), and it was a night not to be forgotten!

The costuming this year had a spell-binding effect and was note-worthy for both its authenticity and design.  Pictured above in a colorful array of silken robes and satin sashes from left: Youn Hee Kim, Tae Hee Kim, and Eun Young Sa.

The finale included Dr. Park's OSU Student Korean Performance Class, who had the audience on their feet with a rousing Korean folksong and dance, performed with gusto!