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July 29, 2014
The Wedded Husband_Cover of script by author Hong Shen

Theater Educators: The Wedded Husband, Book & DVD set 

A Modern Chinese Literature and Culture publication, 2014

Script by HONG SHEN 

Enter the world of the Chinese modern drama as performed by the cast of the Ohio State University theater in the rival of (1919) The Wedded Husband produced by Man He under direction of Steven Siyuan Liu.  This DVD performance is in English.

The plot begins... Miss Wang is arranged in marriage to Master Chen, who is referred to as insane, though actually pure and innocent of heart.  Miss Wang agrees to marriage out of filial devotion to her father, Lord Wang. During the wedding, which takes place at a time when plague ravages the city, Miss Wang falls ill.  The Doctor, a friend of the Wang family, orders quarantine, but Master Chen defies it--risking his own life to take care of his delirious and unconscious "wife". 

The Wedded Husband book contains the three-act script in English and Chinese. It also features a poignant commentary by the playwright's daughter, Hong Qian, and director's notes by Steven Siyuan Liu. Historical background is provided by Man He and professor Kirk A. Denton. 

For East Asian, Theater, and English studies.

Price: $20.95