ChineseC3 Media Download for Chinese Communicating in the Culture Series

Companion Media Download for Chinese: Communicating in the Culture (ChineseC3)


ChineseC3 Media Download is a program designed to teach learners with no previous experience in Mandarin Chinese how to communicate in cultural contexts. 

A self-guided and learner-friendly program, ChineseC3 features an interactive, multimedia format suitable for both high school and college-age learners. ChineseC3 includes: audio-video clips, illustrations, vocabulary games and exercises, and the ability for recorded user feedback. Users will learn to perform active roles in conversations, and to practice spoken expressions and cultural mannerisms in realistic contexts. 

ChineseC3 consists of all materials covered in the performance textbooks 1-4, Units 0 to 5. There are 60 total lessons.

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Chinese Communicating in the Culture Series companion download
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