Coyote Traces: Aku Wuwu's Poetic Sojourn in America

Author Aku Wuwu photo by Mark Bender from journey in Southwest China

By Aku Wuwu.  Translated by Wen Peihong and Mark Bender

Photo by Mark Bender. Aku Wuwu pictured in Taoping Qiang Village Southwest China  

Coyote Traces by author Aku Wuwu of the Yi ethnic minority in Southwest China, shares his real journey through both Native American nations and the Yi, drawing upon the interconnection of cultures and languages.

In the words of author Aku Wuwu: "In these poems, I have tried to record the tangible and intangible heritages of Native Americans as I perceive them.  In the process, I occassionally invoke my own Nuosu heritage. Imbibing the fresh air of other peoples' cultures, I ponder over my personal spiritual life and the home of my soul. I wish to combine these shattered fragments into some serious ideas and thoughts. While writing these so-called cross-lingual and cross-cultural texts, I have attempted to explore the real nature of humanity, which has occassionally turned out to be a spiritual pilgramage back to my own native civilization."


The collection of 80 poems, written in both Chinese and English translations, includes 9 full-color photo plates from the author's journey. Paperback, 377 pages. 

Cover design by Jike Bu. Design Editor: Hanning Chen. Published by the National East Asian Languages Resource Center at OSU and The Ethnic Publishing House.
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