Chinese Communicating in the Culture DVD

The CCC DVD is a visual and audio companion to the Chinese: Communicating in the Culture series, and parallels Performance Texts One, Two, Three, and Four.  This interactive DVD features a beautiful full-color animation opener, and live stills of each of the units and stages.  The content is self-guided and allows the user to select interactive dialog practices and tests with a Program Help section to assist. Each portion of the dialog is broken down in both Pinyin and English. There is expert tutorial on pronunciation, and a guided test for each stage.  The DVD also features a bonus section of cultural vocabulary. Technical note:  Windows PC systems only. Must have QuickTime Player and Flash Player installed.  See free offer below for MAC and Chromebook users.

by:  Galal Walker and Yong Lang

Foreign Language Publications, 2011

NEW CCC DVD On-Line version! free coaching sections for MAC and Chromebook users:  

Free On-line Field Test Version

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Chinese: Communicating in the Culture (DVD)
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