Chinese Communicating in the Culture, Performance Text 1

Chinese:  Communicating in the Culture, Performance Text One

This is the first performance text in a series of Mandarin Chinese learning texts for the beginning learner. Performance Text One includes pronunciation and romanization, lessons on tone and tonal structure, helpful self-tests, and contextual discussions which are important to cultural communication and verbal exchange. The Appendix includes:  Glossary by Unit and Stage, Pinyin Glossary, and English Glossary. It provides the learner with sufficient support in self-study as well as the classroom setting. The book focuses on three major areas:  instructional expressions, people, and places. An MP3 file accompanies this book.
By Galal Walker and Yong Lang
Foreign Language Publications, 2004.  Third reprint.

Below is a sample of the audio file from Unit 0 stage 5 Instructor Questions and Directions:

Below is a sample of the audio file from Unit 1 stage 1 Meeting People:



Below is a sample of the audio file from Unit 2 stage 1 Locating People:








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