Songs of Thorns and Flowers Vol. 1

Chan E. Park interviews Poet Kim Hyung-Young









Chan E. Park Interviewing Poet Kim Hyung-Young


In the Tree, Songs of Thorns and Flowers Volume One

Volume One, In the Tree, includes select poems by Kim Hyung-Young, 2009 recipient of the Ku Sang Literature Award. The series explores the performativity of modern Korean poetic language in reading, interpretation, translation, and recitation. Songs challenges learners to examine the stylistic and linguistic devices employed to deliver the poet’s message, the combinations of form and content in the realm of poetics, and the lens modern Korean poetry provides into a larger understanding of Korean history and culture. Its bilingual design allows for multi-level and domain use, i.e., for both readers and non-readers of Korean, for both academic and general reading. For this pedagogical objective, the poems are accompanied wherever appropriate by supplementary explications, analyses, and requisite annotations on language use or critical approaches.

The volume contains a companion video CD featuring an interview with Kim Hyung-Young, spoken poems, and sung recitation.  

Below is a sample of the sung recitation, Between Heaven and Earth, by Moon Hyun. Hong Suk-Bok on changgo, and Kim Sung-Tae on taegum






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