Songs of Thorns and Flowers Vol. 3

Winter, 5 Minutes Past Midnight

Hwang Tong-gyu uniquely shares the intensity of observation and persistence of revelation. "You do not need to speak of darkness or light, when you're around someone waiting desperately for something." He reassured the constellations in the sky "have survived without being ripped apart as lonely stars." The lone ambulator of wintry night images, Hwang Tong-gyu imbues his poetry of life and its transitions with his ironic touch. Excellent for Korean educators, foreign language educators, and poetic pursuits. Contains companion CD with interviews, poems, and readings, with English subtitles. Beautifully bound book is bilingual: Korean-English.



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Cover of Korean poetry book titled Song's of Thorns and Flowers Vol. 3: Winter, 5 Minutes Past Midnight, selected poems by Hwang Tong-gyu
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