Pathways 07 - Advances in Japanese Pedagogy

Essays designed to support informed classroom and curricular decisions. Dispels some of the misunderstandings about Japanese language instruction and introduces the intellectual inquires we are making in the field.

Ch.1 Development of Kanji Knowledge Among Adult JFL Learners.
Ch.2 Subvocalization in Reading Kanji: Can Japanese Text Be Comprehended Without It?
Ch.3 Developmental Sequences.
Ch.4 Japanese Second Language Acquisition in the Classroom.
Ch.5 Reading as Socio-Cultural Performance.
Ch.6 Can a Computer Tutor Detect Problems with Linked Sentences?
Ch.7 The Logic of Japanese Language Practice.
Ch.8 Automaticity and Its Implications for JFL Pedagogy.
Ch.9 Japanese for Special Purposes: Teaching Japanese to Engineers and Scientists.
Ch.10 Pedagogic Implications of Standards-based Education.
Ch.11 The First Framework: Getting Down to Basics.

Editor:  Hiroshi Nara


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