Tiger Traces, Selected Nuosu and Chinese Poetry of Aku Wuwu

Yi Dancers in ceremonial dress. Photo by Mark Bender


Photography by Mark Bender, Yi Ceremonial Dancers

Tiger Traces:  Selected Nuosu and Chinese Poetry of Aku Wuwu

Edited by AKU Wuwu and Mark Bender

The book  introduces the soulful renderings of Aku Wuwu;  from his home in southwest China and his Nuosu heritage of the Yi minority group, Aku Wuwu expresses his unique heritage. The book includes a selection of poems in three languages: English, Chinese and Nuosu.


The companion audio CD features vocal performances by Aku Wuwu himself as well as Kate Polak and Mark Bender.  

Excerpt from the poem, At Twilight, Longing for My Amo:    

Voice of Aku Wuwu, Yi Language


Voice of Kate Polak, English



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